Have a Break!


Even though we bury ourselves on our work during the week, we still need to find some time to relax, unwind and have a break.  We all deserve it.  Working too much just to finish everything or to get a lump sum OT pay at the end of the month will just make us sick.  Those who work 51 plus hours a week are 30% more likely to have high blood pressure that those who work less than 40 hours according to the experts from University of California.  Adding to that, the experts said that those with chronic job stress are up to 5 times more likely that stress-free workers to get metabolic syndrome(risk factors that can lead to hear disease and diabetes).  Thus to stay healthy, ease the stress.  Have some BREAK!

Trend in Nurse's Uniforms


Every uniform is worm for the purpose of uniformity and identification.  For nurses they wear uniforms for identification and hygiene.  What started as a dress with a cap and apron adopted from the nun’s habit, now nurses uniform has evolved into a simple yet elegant one.  Scrubs or nursing scrubs has become a new trend in nursing fashion in most of the hospitals in the UK and the US.

In most of US hospitals alone you can see nurses and even other staff wearing scrubs at all times. Most of them are all in some shade and pattern of loose drawstring scrub pants and scrub top.  They also ride along with today’s fashion like in their color selections, design and patterns.  As you can notice, most nursing uniforms color is blue or at least one of the darker colors. It was chosen because it was believed to be a calming color compared to brighter ones which is an eye sore for the patients. Wearing scrubs is not because it is in fashion but it is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  Aside from being less expensive, many had likened to wear it.

Now, scrubs are available in different styles, designs, patterns and colors. You may opt to choose scrubs that would suit your fashion taste.  You may like a fitted look if you want to show-off their sexy bodies, or a darker colored wardrobe perhaps, or a whimsical pattern to brighten everyone’s day.   There are lot varieties of beautiful and cheap scrub clothing and apparels available on the internet today which I say is perfect in creating your own stunning nursing wardrobe.

Google Voice for iPhone


Finally, Google Voice has made its way to iPhone.  You may browse the internet for some images of the application.  But allow me to give you a short description of the application.
Simple but elegant, that's what i can say about Google Voice.  It's Main Menu gives you an In-box that will allow you to manage your text and voice messages.  You can favorite, read, and play messages from the in-box. And to manually refreshes the list on your screen just pull down the entire screen with your finger.  The Contacts Screen shows you a view of all contacts and a  filtered view of a list of your favorite callers and recent calls for faster selection.  Texting also looks good with Google Voice.  For more information on Google Voice, you may visit this Google Voice site.

a new beginning


a new life... a new start... a new beginning...join me as i journey the most interesting experience that life can offer....

surf and shop


I bet almost everyone in your family had gone connected to the internet. And probably your grandmother has a Facebook or Friendster account. Together with the increasing members of online social networks, the opportunity of doing business online has become brighter. Thus a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses had put up an online shopping to reach those vast customers over the internet.

If you have never delved into the world of online shopping, you are missing out on one of the greatest conveniences of our time. Just think of a shopping mall located over the internet. With online shopping, you may buy the things you want right in your own rooms and delivered in you door steps the following day. Convenience wise, it’s the best. You don’t need to go out to the shopping malls to buy you some accessories or gifts for you love ones. You can choose a lot of variety of laptops and gadgets without those irritating sales lady at your side. You may also order some toys for your kids or your favorite video games. Others had been using the online shop to purchase electronic devices and clothing.

Of course, there are still many things to learn about online shopping, especially about security and properly searching for the items you want. So bring out your laptop computers and get connected. Take your time to read and learn about these things and enjoy the bliss of online shopping.

the calling...


yesterday... one of our senior engineer had his farewell speech in front of all the employees during our morning meeting... he has been in the company for more than 10 years... for someone who had been in the company for such a long time, it seems so hard to believe that he is bidding goodbye... it's not the money, it's not his boss or the management... i could not think of any reason why...if you were there listening, you'll also be bothered and would ask why is he leaving... and then he unfolds his reason.... the culprit behind his decision... he says, he's leaving not because of the people he work with... also not because of salary... and of course it's not about his work... he loves his work.. that's why he had stayed long in his field of work...he is just answering the call from someone 3 years ago... it's has been a very long pending call from God... and today is the day that he was able to answer his call... he said that he will be entering a totally different work, a totally different life starting tomorrow... and starting tomorrow he will be an others-centered person.. rather than a self-centered one...
a noble deed... a noble answer...good luck to him and may God always bless him...

second best bowling score


ehehehe just want to share with you my second best scores in my bowling experience... i'm not that really good at throwing big heavey king pin balls and slide over to hit 10 pins at the end of the bowling lane.... ehehe sometimes the balls goes off the lane... and everybody laugh... ehehehe it was fun... we had fun, thus we had our second game... and in the second game that i got my second best score... that's me NEP who got a 133.... i actually got 2 strikes consecutively... i was trying to get my 3rd strike when my luck has ran out.. eheheheh