i was supposed to go home to Davao last Feb 9(Friday) to attend to my friends wedding last Feb 10(Saturday). i made a promise with him to be his best man on his wedding (me and my big mouth). Sad to say i wasn’t able to fly to Davao because of the screening for the National Speech Contest(Nihongo) which was scheduled on the night of Feb 9 (i actually passed the screening! and made it to the National Contest). Well to make it short… i rescheduled my flight on the Feb 10 at 4:00 AM.

i landed in Davao at around 5:45 and slept the whole morning…. the wedding was at 3:00 pm and i need to be in the hotel at 1:00 pm. i had my lunch and keep pestering my other friend(whom they’d borrowed their bridal car from) to fetch me at my house. ehhehe

i hate being a best man because it was so tiry… well perhaps for filipinos.. the best man is like a slave of the groom.. (am not compalining….) it was fun and enjoyable… because i get to meet my old friends.. it was one of the only occasions that you come to get in-touch with your old friends, highschool or college classmates… not to mention.. he’s the 2nd among our circle of friends who got married.. pressure were on us who are still single.. eheheheh

after the wedding we had the whole night bar hopping and enjoying our joy ride.