my angel's birthday


on Jan 31, angel would turn 1 year older.
i miss my angel...
well she had an early celebration at the beach resort with her friends
and family... hmm wish i was there too...
she's kinda happy and hope she will in the future...
tanjoubi omedetu angel!
ki o tsukete kudasai!
jaa, gambarimasu!

the gimik


since i've started working in _______ i've actually forgot to party and have fun every friday night.well maybe because i'm new to the place(Cebu) and my friend was not a party type person. and aside from that, my work was a little bit pressured and really requires a high standard for 6 months i've been far away from bars and drinking stations...when i got home for the holiday season, i was thinking of hopping into the different bars i used to party with.but unfortunately there was one very important thing that i had to fix... my business... eheheheheuntil the time has come for me to fly to my workplace... again.. no party no drink!but i guess last friday night was really the night for me to have fun and to party all night til morning with my friends... we were 8 and we had a great night.. we had dinner together on an expesive restaurant(i forgot its name)... well you can never find a cheap resto around here... as you all know food is very expensive here(Makati). after the dinner we headed to our first pitstop.. The Gilligans (Makati)! eheheh we had a couple or more of beers with some cheese sticks and fries.. (the usual partner for beers) we were talking loud as if we were shouting just to to be louder than the music in the place. we had big laughs and teasing among us... until the waiter signals for last order... so we had our last bottles together.. and after that we left the place.. then we hailed for a taxi.. i was expecting that it was time to go home... to my surprised they drag me into the cab and headed for our second pitstop.. Tia Marias (Malate)... the place is cool... with live bands and beautiful sexy ladies around the corner... nice medicine for the red sleepy eyes... we order a draft beer and some nachos... and when the band palce some disco and r & b songs.. half my friends got up and release their animal instinct on the dance floor... well i just watch them.. i've never had an interest in disco.. i only love to drink on bars and observe people around me especially sexy ladies... eheheheheheh until morning comes.. until 5 AM comes and we decided to go of my friend had a business trip to Butuan and his flight is at 8 AM... my other friend had to visit his client on the province... and me? had to report to the office at 10 AM. so we ended our happy get together gimik we headed to our individual place.... so when i got home... i got undress and jump into my bed and sleep sleep and sleep... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Blob Counting


Given an 8x8 grid and then randomly designating them as either black or white can create 0 or more blobs.
But what is a blob? Given any black filled square in the grid, a blob is the collection of all the black squares adjacent to the current square and adjacent to the squares adjacent to the current square, so on and so forth. Please look at the sample below.

Grid containing 3 blobs.

The grid above contains 3 blobs highlighted by the red lines. The program you will create will count the total number of blobs in a given grid and also count the number of squares a certain blob occupies. The grid will be describe using an input from a text file containing zeros and ones, a “1” signifying black and white otherwise. After reading the file, the application should automatically calculate the total number of blobs and the size of a given blob. A blob will be specified using mnemonics, i.e A0. Back to the sample grid above, the size of the blob should be one since the blob located at the uppermost left corner occupies 1 square.

Console Output:

C:> blob grid.txt A1
Total : 3 blob(s)
Size : 0

Contents of Grid.txt


a long week...


hi! it has been a week already and i haven't posted something here...well the week was not that good at prevented me from blogging some important and amazing stuff about my daily experiences of this god damn hell fucking life...

Monday @ 7:30.. i had to prepare a report need by 8:00 AM.. my boss will gonna need it by 9:00 AM so he has to review it..i was left alone in the training center in the afternoon...the admin staff was asked to report at the Alabang co-trainer had a training at PhilNITS...and here i am.. bz making report... giving assistance to the Technology Trainer... and at the end of the day.Fuck! i feel exhausted... got a high fever... and it get worst the following day..

Tuesday @ 6:00 AM.. i woke up with a heavy head... with a temperature over 37 degrees celsius...with a sinusitis.. soar throat.. and muscle pain.. i was dead that day!I texted my boss that i will be i had to eat and take a medicine and dived on my bed and cover myself with my blanket... later in the afternoon.. i feel quite ok.. so i started tickling my laptop and continue doing some training programs and reports...

Wednesday and Thursday is a super super super hell day for me... i had to cope with a lot of reports...By the way, Wednesday was a reporting day.... well when i think of it i had been fruitful for this week..i had made some amazing and professional looking plans... ehhehehe

Friday...had to settle some issues that happened Thursday night... damn it's hard to settle things with a person whom can't comprehend what you were saying... or that person was really dumb? eheheheWell i had to have fun tonight... i've been bored and seems to forget to pamper myself...I will dining out with some friends of mine and thanks god... i had someone to talk with.. with a laugh and smile drawn on my face....
jaa.. mata raishou!

another bad news for the week...


the week of bad news doesn't end today.. it will conclude tomorrow Friday the 13th!
today i had received a daily report from my friend regarding the gross sales of our store... i was shock coz it was the lowest sales we had for this month...shit! what have they done during the whole day operation of our store? i ask my friend to investigate on the matter and factors affecting the sudden decrease in sales. And base on the previous daily sales we had.. it seems that it is unstable...

some fixins


well today is not that bad at all... it's quite good... though a little bit... well my boss didn't bother me for the half day.. i was busy revising my erroneous and faulty reports... and finish it by noon... i've sent him an email to review my reports whether it suits his taste or not... but no response yet..
there has been lots of conversation going on for the rest of the day... i had a talk with come key persons regarding some projects... talk with my buddy regarding some of our plans...

wow... and i didn't notice that's 7 pm already.. god im hungry.. my stomach is growling..

so i rest for a while.. surfing some blogs and websites of my friends and chat...
and finally choco bar sent me a message... well it's been 2 days that we didn't talk.. she was mad at me, because of my stupid tongue that utter some phrase which should not had been utteredoh well.. so there she goes... not welcoming my messages and calls.. anyway.. we're ok now.. we're at peace now.. at least there's something good for today...

faulty write-ups


hmmm.. another unsuccessful act... this was supposed to save my butt from my boss from my bad report.
guess this week would be a bad week for me... im doom!
i wrote an acticle regarding our company's achievement... i've made it only for 2 hours...
guess am not that good in writing an article.. (am bad in English and writing articles)...
my boss has to revised by himself... tsk tsk tsk.. i was very bad...
im actually embarrassed with what i did... i was supposed to do it right!
well i don't know... maybe in our daily lives there were UPs and DOWNs..
and I think this is part of my DOWNs...
anyway... huhuhuhu i have to revise my report and article.... shame on me!

feeling tired...


from morning till the end of the day.. i felt tired and lazy...
i tried to work so hard.. push my brain to work to it's limit..
still my body won't response... i don't know what happen to me..
it's just that i feel so tired.. i like to sleep the whole day... then wake up..
then eat .. then watch tv.. and sleep.. and sleep and sleep...
though i have some output for the day.. but i feel it's not enough...
tomorrow would be a busy day.. i will be out for a meeting...
i hope i would feel good tomorrow.. or else.. my boss will kill me...=)

bad report...


i was cramming preparing my status report which is supposedly due last friday(Jan 6) in which i was told to submit it 4 hours after i was told so. i can't make it on time so i ask my boss to submit it first hour in the morning, coz he will be needing it in their weekly managers meeting...
i had not ate my breakfast just to make my report.. i was cofused and it has been my delima since then coz i don't know where to start.. my mind did not worked well during the weekend and am so lazy during those days.. damn! and at exactly 8:30 i had send my report to my boss in which i am not very confident... my heart and mind tells me that i've done the wrong report...
my fear finally came true.. at exactly 1 pm.. i'd received an email from my boss.. telling me his comments about my report and finally asking me to re-format it... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im bad.. im weak.. well it's my fault...lessons learned... ask when you don't know how to do it.. don't wait for you to be told what to do...

status reports


when it's friday.. most of us would utter... "Thanks God its Friday.."
well i guess i had to say the opposite... "No thanks God.. today is a Hell day.." wakekekekek
well i should be starting to work on status reports which are due for today..
me and my two bosses had a meeting recently and status reports and needed immediately..
wow.. this is fun.. this is what you called challenge.. wakekekek
aside form the status reports.. i had to write some article for our website...
wow.. this day is reall a hell day..
well.. i'm on a work mode now..

missing MA


hmmm... i just want you know how much i miss MA.
MA = My Angel =) The first time i heard this song,
it quickly stimulates my ears and sends an electrical
signal to my brain and penetrates the subconscious
part of my brain and then triggers my mouth to open
it suddenly utter... "i miss MY ANGEL..."

here's the lyrics of the song... it's from a local
band... it's nice.. =)

Heaven Knows(The Angel has Flown)

There are times when I’m lying in my bed
Hug my pillow and cry from this tip again
And my eyes are like windshields on a rainy day
Almost rubbed down, swelling, as I keep on
Diggin my face in these cold hands of mine
Heaven knows how bitter I am

‘Cause this angel has flown away from me
Leaving me in drunken misery
I should have clipped her wings and made her mine
For all eternity
Now this angel has flown away from me
Thought I had the strength to set her free
Did what I did because I love her so
Will she ever find her way back home to me

I’m so tired, I feel like catching forty winks
Being up all night in this elbow room
That puts me in a trance
Where hopes and dreams come true
Now my lips are burning and my eyes are hurting
From this fuse I mixed till I light another
Cigarette just to pass my time, oh
Heaven knows how bitter I am

New PC & A Hot Chicks!


today was a hectic day... lots of updates to do.. and lots of brain cells to burn. i had to prepare reports for one training program of the company which i led, and another status report for a new program which i actually implemented...

today was the start of another focal topic of the FE Training Program (Fundamental Engineer), the Technology Courses... they had started the war with Linux. it was quite interesting so i joined the training at the same time
observing the class and the Trainer. =)

also today, i had a great conversation with my friend Caroline...
i was convincing her to say YES to her suitor... ehehehehe (i thought she needs a boyfriend) wakekekek. well it's a long chat.. until we end up talking about destiny.. and God.. until i just came up with a realization about it.. i am not an atheist though, but i believe that God did not lay down our destiny for
us, it was US who made it. it was US who made our life fruitful and regretful... =)
so in the end.. she got my point and agree with my idea.. wakekekekeke (probably
she just agree with me just to end up our conversation, warui! =) )

also today, my business partners had bought a new PC for our Internet Cafe. (this is a good sign for a small business of mine => ) here's the pix of the PC... well it doesn't look sophisticated but it ROCKS! =)

btw, got some friends here i met at EDEN Nature Park while me, my boss and here wife toured our Nihongo sensei. eheheheh
aren't they cute? =)
this was taken at the amphitheater garden overlooking
the Davao Gulf.

New Year! New Deal! New Ways of Living!


Well what's new with New Year? Damn, i had to fly to my work place on New Year's Day. I'm left with No Available Flights on the the following day. Hope there's something new ahead of me. Darn, i dont forsee anything new for this year. Well, time will tell. =)

Monday, the office is open. But i was lazy that day.. ehehehe nah.. i'm still on leave, so i had to make best of my vacation.. sleep, eat, watch tv and play Warcraft the whole day. More importantly, i had to feel the environment of my new place. It was a bit better that the last one i had.

Tuesday, my first day of work for this year 2006. Well i had the whole day of staring on my PC's screen, allowing my hands tickling it's keyboard while my brain cells do it's job, THINKING! (it HURTS sometimes).
Well im preparing for Wednesdays Programming Contest. Am a bit excited to know how my trainees would perform during the contest. ehehehe... they don't know what's in-store for them( bwahahahahaha).

Wednesday, this is the day, the Programming Contest Day. After the 2 hours Nihongo Lesson, my trainees were a bit excited and nervous for the contest. The Logic Analysis Part were quite easy for them, most got a perfect score. Wow! sugoi desu ne! But they broke my heart with their performance on the Programming Part. =( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... i was disappointed with their performance... they were given 3 problems to be solved within 3 hours... but sad to say.. none of them were able to solve even one problem...
Darn! they were supposed to solve one problem.. the easiest one. probably i had to tell them that im not satisified and happy with what they've done... i had to motivate them.. i had to make some action plans... they should be good in programming.. they had to... well good luck to me then!

Tomorrow is another challenging day.. hope so... ehehehhe