Xmas Vacation


hi guyz and galz!

it's our vacation now... and probably i'll be away from my PC for a few weeks... so i may not post religiously on this blog... i will see u soon...

X-mas Party!


Party On!

we just had our Institutional X-mas Party.

hmmm how shall i describe it? i was the emcee though, i wore bell-bottom pants paired with a maroon long sleeve with some cookies and flowers as it's textures and a long pointed black shoes. S---! i look BADUY! ehehe.. i was born in the 70's though but i don't know what people really wear during those decades... ehhehehe.. well at least my partner was cute in her attire.. and we've done a very good job. the employees were happy and always laughing(not that we're funny) some personalities were funny too specially the OLD ones... ehhehe they were so 'second-rate-trying-hard funny people".. ehhehe production numbers were so nice especially those of the MUSIC PROGRAM... they done a classic music(mozart!)

la lang [nothing much]


i got nothing this morning, maybe this afternoon i'll be having soon...

i was thinking of the script that i'll gonna make for our institutional X-MAS PARTY this coming SATURDAY(i'll gonna be their emcee ehehehe)... and the worst case is we had to be in our 60's and 70's ATTIRE!... damn!(dapat gwapo ako ehehehe)

:: the Prohibited Book ::


this book was awarded to my friend pixelcatalyst for being so engrossed with artworks especially that of Luis Royo. (women artworks to be specific hmmm)

this is an interesting book, why don't you grab one? hehehehe

:.: some fixins :.:


halooooooooooooo! ehehehehe

sorry for being out for too long... as you all know i had to battle all the perrils in my life... i had to gather strength, knowledge, vitality, agility, and dexterity to conquer all my troubles...
i had taken them one by one, i had slashed them with my fined two-handed sword CLAYMORE. i never pity them or gave them mercy! (bad!) the battle took me almost 2 weeks, i had to journey to some important places to gather strenght and levelling up my skills... i had to be on my own to feel the silence and tranquility in me... i had to listen to myself and feel what it has been craving for.... so after a 2 days of silence inside the creepy ORC DUNGEON.. i had found my true self... i had found what i had been looking for and wanting for in my life... though it the monsters around me had never stopped annoying me... i am ready now to face them, ready to defeat them and ready to kill them....

hehehehe so much for that...