kobukuro[ コブクロ ] mania


a month ago, i found myself listening to one of the best Japanese song album by Kobukuro... it was my sensei who first introduced me to it... the songs are very nice... although i can only understand a few of them... but what's the use of the dictionary? ehehehehe so here is a sample lyrics of one of many favorites songs from their album All Best Singles - Kobukuro.... thanks to Amy for the lyrics and also for the tabs... now i can play the song myself...

Maiasa, Boku no Yoko ni Ite
Kimi wa katte na kanji de ikite irundashi
Boku wa jibun katte ni kurashite iru sa
Boku wa katte na kanji ni miete iru yo NE
Kimi wa jibun katte ni ikite iru yo NE

Otagai enryo darake sa omoi yari nanka mae ni dashitara atsukurushii NE
Kimi wa maiasa BOKU no yoko ni ite fuzakete iru you na kao de inakya NE

Yume nanka katari dashitara mitto mo nai yo NE
Kanai kaketa toki ni ii daseru kurai kaa NE
Omoide hanashi dasu nara ima ika no koto o NE
Ima ijou no mono nanka kiite te kattarui

Otagai tanin na wake desho itsumou naduite iru da nante kimochi warui yo NE
Kimi wa maiasa BOKU no yoko ni ite suteki na boku wo mite warawa nakya NE

Tabun kimi wa miakite iru no deshou ga
Moo sukoshi douzo otsukiai

Hanashi wa tekitou na kanji de itsumo owaru desho
Hontou ni soko made shika shiranai kara sa
Sentakumono wa uragaeshi de irenai you ni NE
Kokoro ga kete imasu yo KAKKOII kana to omotte

Watashi ga anata wo aishite irun janai ka to tama ni kiduite odoroku deshou
Kimi wa maiasa BOKU no yoko ni ite muboubi ni chikai kao de inakya NE

Yuuhan wa nanji goro no kanji ni naru no deshou ka
Watashi ni awaseru wake no nai koto wa wakatte orimasu ga
Nani ga tabetai no nante okiki ni narimasu ga
Itta tokoro de sou naranai no ni naze kiku no deshou

Anata ga watashi wo kamatte kureru da nante maru de watashi wa hotokesama no you
Kimi wa maiasa BOKU no yoko ni ite mata katte na koto wo takuran deruu kao wo suru
Tooi sora made nani mo nai you ni utagae nai you na yume wo minakya NE
Koko ni iru no ga boku jana kattara nado to iu kao mo tama ni shinakya NE

Soshite boku wa itsumo to onaji deshou ga
Moo sukoshi douzo otsukiai
Moo sukoshi douzo otsukiai

ideal sleeping hours


I've read an article from yahoo talking about the How much Sleep is Ideal.

And i was intrigued with what it revealed. It says that people who sleep between 6.5 hours and 7.5 hours a night live the longest. And those who sleep 8 hours or more, or less than 6.5 hours, don't live quite as long. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... well fortunately for the past few months and even last year i slept around more than 6.5 hours daily. ehehehehehe i usually sleep at 12 midnight and woke up at 7 in the morning. Guess i'll gonna live longer than i thought. The article also mentioned that there is just as much risk associated with sleeping too long as with sleeping too short. The big surprise is that long sleep seems to start at 8 hours. Sleeping 8.5 hours might really be a little worse than sleeping 5 hours. whoa! I couldn't believe that sleeping longer that 8 hours would lead to sickness that would lead to many illnesses. For the details please click here.

save the planet #3


shave your head

having a full head of hair requires more water, shampoo, conditioner, electricity for the dryer, pomade, hydrogen peroxide, and who-knows-what other chemicals that eventually find their way into our ware table. hair has no anatomical benefit to our species. being bald now is acceptable for both genders. so go to the barber today and let go of the "shackles" that prevent you from saving our planet.

the best fat-fighting foods


if you are so conscious with your diet and love's to eat fat foods, here is a list of fat-fighting foods that you can take:
  1. Apples is a soluble fiber that serves as nature's own appetite suppresant.
  2. Beans has fiber content making you feel full for longer and helping you eating less overall.
  3. Eating three or four servings of low-fat dairy products a day enhances weight loss efforts.
  4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  5. Eating nuts and seeds are important for leaning down.
  6. Medium-chain fatty acids take more calories to digest that the oils themselves provide.
  7. Prepare a bowl of oatmeal as a quick and easy way to get cholesterol-fighting, fat-burning fiber.
So start doing those tips and i'm sure it will help you most.

new waves of money


It has been months since I haven’t receive any task for my Blog because my PR was flush down to zero. As of the moment I was slowly building its image again and trying to bring its original status back. And I was so lucky and happy because my application in Bloggerwave as my new advertising media was approved. Yes! Now I can continue to earning extra income and Make Money through my blogs. I was so thankful that my blogsites were given a second life.

shooting at Davao City


for a long years of not having murder in the city, 2 died last May 25, 2008. cousins Rommel and Rey were shot dead in a restaurant by a suspected triggerman, a son of a prominent family/clan in Davao City... since this family is a powerful one, fathers of the victims fears that the case will be long forgotten... as i have read the new's, i saw one of the names cited as my former student in on e of the university in Davao... i thought he has done such crime... probably it was his brother who did it... click here for the details.

special recognition


i was awarded with a special recognition for getting a 99% in my attendance for 1 year.... not bad huh?? i got no absences only sick leaves though.. ehehehehe the award was just a small amount, but it was ok... i've been maintaining it for the last 3 years already and so far i did not fail eheheh but getting a perfect attendance seems so hard eheheh though i was close to it but somehow it's difficult to do it... ehehhe