:: bracelet ::


hehehehe... i got a new bracelet, i just got it yesterday. though it is not too expensive.. it just cost me 1,500 pesos. not bad huh? it's a SILVER BRACELET by the way, it is nice and very appealing to the eye. the design is so simple,no carvings or whatsoever. if i can find a digital camera, i'll get a pix of it and post it here.

damn! im so hungry! the canteen is close. i had to get something to eat.
[out for food]

the Greatest Grafix Artist and Animators in Town!


presenting the great guyz in town!

from left-right: xTian, Bembem, MIKE MEYER(our client), farout, Tope, jhong,joemar.

absent: Pboz, Mario & Me =)

Joemar is Having FUN with a LEDGE DANCER!

transport strike!


hehehehe no work no worries and no problems

thanks to the transport strike. ehehehehe i guess i have to relax a bit and buy some time.

Love Quotes 101


here's your daily love quotes:

you know you sincerely love someone when you want them to be happy.. even if their happiness means youre not part of it =(

for comments just write them in.

CDO- The City of Golden Friendship


hi guys!

it's been a while since i had my last posting. we'll i got stacked on my paper works and business. well, i've been to CAGAYAN de ORO City since last thursday til sunday. it was a good trip, and cagayan is a nice place too, though it is very hot! i've been looking for beautiful cagayanon women.. but, ek... can't find one... ehheeh .. there were still a lot of beautiful women here in davao. night life is good, especially the one they called NIGHT CAFE... it's not really a coffee shop as you think of it.. it's just a 3 blocks long of barbecue stores, including sugba and kinilaw.
ehehe.. there were lots of unusual things i find there in CDO.... i'll just tell you more about it soon.. eheheh.. my brain is not working now as it used and supposed to be....

a true and real friend!


a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
my father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends,
then you've had a great life.
so start looking for real friends now... life is short you know. ehehehehehe
and for those who already had five friends, hone them to be real friends.

trackers and shout box!


ehehehe am so happy... got a TRACKERS and SHOUTBOX already on my blogs site... i just post it! am not so consistent posting some blogs now a days... bbbzzzz as usual... anyway.. i'll try to catch up ehehehe... pls say something on my shoutbox.
be happy!

ssssshhhhh..... =)


hi... got nothing to post... still always exhausted...
anyway just to have something to be posted here instead of letting the day go without any blogs. geez i forgot to blog for 4 days? bad bad bad.... sssshhhh... don't tell anyone about it... ehehhee
wanna have some royal tru-orange?



=) i love pizza, especially pizza from pizza hut. ehehehe i always order a regular/family size meat lovers with sausage stuffed crust pizza with a free hawaian sausage stuffed crust pizza also. and don't forget the 1.5 liters pepsi...(hmmm i do prefer coke, but theyr patronize pepsi, no probs with that, i'll just dump the pepsi and buy a 1 liter coke) ehehehehe
damn! they deliver the wrong pizza.... i actually called them up and scolded them......and i got a newly cooked family size meat lovers sausage stuffed crust pizza.. eheheh.. sometime being aggressive works!
kain tayo!

my YM's status messages (Part III)


whew! at last im back! it has been a beeeeeeezzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee yesterdays for me.. ehehehe... well i had to attend to some of my projects which needed some urgent attention, that's why i had been going in and out of the city... thus, i could put my hands on my PC and access this blog...well sorry for that... anyway im online now... so here are some of my YM's status messages:
  • crossing over to the other side...
  • life is not complicated at all...
  • look what you've done..
  • angel, i hope that they will love you forever...
  • no angels, in the air...