peanut butter!


damn this peanut butter! i don't have anything to dip in it. i was looking for a tasty bread and yet i got no time to get out of my office(its enrolment kasi hehehehe) to buy some. it looks yummy and tasty.... it was packed in a very nice looking glass covered with foil. ( it was a home-made peanut butter) i bough it for PhP 70.00! expensive???



my brain is not working properly, im so tired and sleepy... i went home 3 am... ehehehehe i really had a great night... and so i bump into this message(Love quote) from Cupid of Globe's 2978 which is a bit sweet and hmmmm.... ehehehehe

Loving someone doesn't mean you have to be with that someone, because sometimes FATE plays a fool on us and we are not meant to be together. But still, there is love between us.

killing time :.:


i'll be off to KABACAN this 4 pm... my bag was already packed and all my personal stuff. gosh i'll be out of town?! yes.. ehehehe i was waiting for this time to get out of davao for sometime... at htis very moment Jerry(my colleague and classmate in college) and his friends were hiking the hills and mountains of Marilog District and probably putting up their tents on the campsite and enjoying the cold freezing water of the IPOL WATER FALLS!!!!!! i should have been with them...=( but anyway this coming October 30 to November 3, i'll be counquering MT. APO again for the second time around. im so excited about it... ehehehe i really had fun the first time i climbed it. gee i had to prepare my stuff.. i got 8 days left. and after that, back to work. =)
to fill up those idle time i had, i was just having fun tinkering with my blog... it's settings and templates... colors, images and linkages...hehehehe blogger is too hardheaded ehehehe

my YM's status messages (Part II)


more status messages ...

- seek and you shall find
- sail away, sail away, sail away
- could it be any harder
- on the 14th day i rose again...
- coz we are born innocent
- it's foreign on this side...
- and the Truth is a Bitter Friend
- DESTINY is not a matter of chance...
- and were all wondering...
- it's time to change here...
- the Last Goodbye.

more to be posted.... soon

my YM's status messages ...(part I)


below were the status messages i had in my Yahoo Messenger:

- back off!
- fuck off!
- ur the reason...
- goodbye to you... ur my falling star...
- paalam na...
- i think GOD can explain...
- am so much better than you've guessed...
- everybody is changing...
- my happy ending.
- have a nice day.
- im growing, im learning...
- shiver
- so much for my happy ending.

it's a bit long... so watch out for Part II.
more messages to be posted, soon...

quote of the day!


" give me a mud and i'll turn it to gold!"

speak out dude and dudettes, i need your ideas about it.

coffee monster rocks!


hehehe i have discovered this new place to stay out late at night specially when i want to do something very important while drinking my hot capuccino espresso.
It is actually a coffee shop (COFFEE MONSTER),cool huh?

It's one of the few coffee shop here in Davao, not to mentioned Blue Gre, Carlo's Cafe and Basti's Brew(the shop where i spent almost all of my coffee sessions). I've been into coffee since the time when i had my ANGEL. we usually go to food chains and cheap resto and spent the rest of the night at Bastis Brew drinking coffee while talking. that's our idea of QT(quality time). i usually order hot capuccino while she had her iced moccha and some cookies. (hehehhe reminiscing the past). it was fun and good memories of her though. =)

Now i've found this Coffee Monster coffee shop along the Ilustre St., Davao City. it was a small coffee shop compared to those i've mentioned above, but it has a very nice ambiance, suitable for Quality Time, Paper Works, Business Meetings and Sight Seeing(hehehehe). It has nice furnitures and comfort rooms too. And the coffee! Yes the coffee, they're as good as those in Bastis and Blue Gre at a cheaper price. eheheh i'm into a tight budget now, that's why i prefer having my coffee at Coffee Monster.

moral of the lesson?
If you want a quality time with your loved ones(bf/gf), have it at a coffee shop. =)

essay exams ...


"October 16, 2004
ITRZ - Training Room
10:00 am --> final exam for Advanced E-commerce
things to bring: black ballpen and short bond papers"

it took me 8 hours to read all the modules for this subject, 4 hours last night and 4 hours this morning. i was 45 minutes late! the exam is good for 2 hours so i'm left with 1 hour and 15 minutes. had to anwser the questions fast and accurate... ehehehe damn! there were seven items, all were essay type with at least 2 questions on each item. waaaahhhhhhhhh! i'll be dead!
it has been a struggle for me... my right hand is aching... my brain is working fast as it could be... but i believe that there's always a rainbow after every rain. and gladly i saw it, it took me 1 hour to finish it with a high probability that all of my answers were correct! damn I'M GOOD! hehehe Reading sure did a good job!

i believe it was a comprehensive exam. =)
BTW, here's my third blog site -->

my blog sites...


below were some of my blog sites i made:

this was the first blog i had, i actually started on it last june of this year because of pixelcatalyst never ending reminders and just to stop him from reminding me so i made it. i like it because of it's interface(black, gray & silver), it's clean and it's MAC graphics style. as you noticed it always end with a "to be continued..." phrase, ehehehhe.. i easily get tired of thinking and typing what's on my mind during those days... so what i intend to do was to finish it some other day. and it goes on and on and pixel would teased me as "to be continued guy..." well there you have it, the proof!
to be continued...
(part 2 is coming soon)

GTO - motivation ...


i don't know if you guys knew this funny anime movie GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka) ... i'm watching it after every end of the day's work. it was funny, hilarious and serious... it has a lots of twist in each episode that you would find impossible(miracle). what i like most of the movie was the lesson it delivers to it's viewers...well i don't need to discuss the details of the movie here... hey it would take us days.. ehehehe perhaps if you could look for it and watch it personally for you to know what it was all about. =)
as i was watching episode 31 5 minutes ago, i was kinda touched by what Onizuka sensei had just said...
"i'll gonna make school fun for my students!"
well im a sensei myself too, and it actually made me to think and reassess and ask myself "had i made school fun for my students? do they have that MOTIVATION and interest on their face to go back to school everyday not because of the boys or girls or teachers or allowances etc... but because of learning...? that they want to learn with their sensei?"
geez... this really freaks me out... is it me? or just my brain reacting to a stimulus? ehehehehehehe

crying ladies ...


CS 4's thesis presentation and defense took 2 days. it was chaotic, exhausting, freaky but an "eat all you can" day for us the panelists.

  • chaotic - i think it has been a habit of students to do important things a night before the deadline. such as creating their presentations and developing their prototype. a lot of wrong grammars, wrong spellings and illogical sentences where found in their documents, as well as the well known "Statement of Problem" stuff where they cannot really identify which problem is a problem. not to mentioned the wrong pronounciation and "barok" style of speaking english and the "reading of their flash presentation" rendetion had flared up us all in our seats.
  • exhausting - this was because the panelist had made a lot of criticisms, comments, suggestions and recommendations which burns a lot of brain cells.
  • freaky - it was a freaky monday and tuesdays, everybody freak out after each presentation. lots of long faces, sad looks and most of all lots of CRYING LADIES! there are still a lot of beautiful ladies without brains. (oops! somebody might react on this!)
  • eat all you can - ehehehehe from the moment we sat down on our chairs, while presentation was going on, our mouth were starting to grind those mouth watery foods from morning snacks to dinner. we were always full.

the lesson for the two-days presentation and defense: BRING TISSUE PAPERS.

chowking chow to go!


for the first time i ate a chowking chow to go! bembem ate my greenwhich spaghetti and 2 slices of pizza, paolo ate my jollibee regular yum burger and bethchai was blabbering and she's too noisy and annoying... she even had a sip of my regular coca-cola softdrink.

i had a tiry and exhausting day, i got some people in my project giving some pain in the ass, my students who were so annoying who always give me a headache....

well that's life, that is learning... it sucks! fuck it!


my brain is not working... im thinking and it hurts!

to be born again...


welcome dudes & dudettes!
this is actually my second blogsite... i was motivated then by pixelcatalyst the first time i did it, but unfortunately i got down the drain during my most "fucking" sentimental time of my life, thus i wasn't able to continue it. ehehhehehehe but what the heck! I'm back! I had won all the battles! I had destroyed the ring, the ring that binds them all. ehehehehehe
i hope you'll enjoy reading whatever stuff i'll gonna be posting here, from serious stuff to the most hilarious, from sentimental to the most laughable stuff, topics from all sorts of life to the different aspects of our society particularly the academe -- since am working at the academe-- and please do post your comments, i would gladly appreciate it.
.: areman :.