Trend in Nurse's Uniforms


Every uniform is worm for the purpose of uniformity and identification.  For nurses they wear uniforms for identification and hygiene.  What started as a dress with a cap and apron adopted from the nun’s habit, now nurses uniform has evolved into a simple yet elegant one.  Scrubs or nursing scrubs has become a new trend in nursing fashion in most of the hospitals in the UK and the US.

In most of US hospitals alone you can see nurses and even other staff wearing scrubs at all times. Most of them are all in some shade and pattern of loose drawstring scrub pants and scrub top.  They also ride along with today’s fashion like in their color selections, design and patterns.  As you can notice, most nursing uniforms color is blue or at least one of the darker colors. It was chosen because it was believed to be a calming color compared to brighter ones which is an eye sore for the patients. Wearing scrubs is not because it is in fashion but it is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  Aside from being less expensive, many had likened to wear it.

Now, scrubs are available in different styles, designs, patterns and colors. You may opt to choose scrubs that would suit your fashion taste.  You may like a fitted look if you want to show-off their sexy bodies, or a darker colored wardrobe perhaps, or a whimsical pattern to brighten everyone’s day.   There are lot varieties of beautiful and cheap scrub clothing and apparels available on the internet today which I say is perfect in creating your own stunning nursing wardrobe.

Google Voice for iPhone


Finally, Google Voice has made its way to iPhone.  You may browse the internet for some images of the application.  But allow me to give you a short description of the application.
Simple but elegant, that's what i can say about Google Voice.  It's Main Menu gives you an In-box that will allow you to manage your text and voice messages.  You can favorite, read, and play messages from the in-box. And to manually refreshes the list on your screen just pull down the entire screen with your finger.  The Contacts Screen shows you a view of all contacts and a  filtered view of a list of your favorite callers and recent calls for faster selection.  Texting also looks good with Google Voice.  For more information on Google Voice, you may visit this Google Voice site.

a new beginning


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