This afternoon at 1:15 PM i joined our Company-wide Nihongo Speech Contest. It took me a week to formulate my speech and another week to finalize it with the help of our Nihongo senseis(teacher). And finally the time had come. I actually participated in the Beginner Division, in which i had to face 8 sugoi(amazing) contestants. Most of them were very good in Nihongo. I had some trouble memorizing my speech. It took me 3 days to memorize and practice my speech with the help of the senseis. I was the last speaker and not the least. I’m so nervous then. But i actually did my best in giving all i’ve got at that moment. I forgot some of the phrases and words and mispronounce a few of them. But it was not bad at all. After bowing, the audience cheered up with applauses. And then awarding came, and i don’t know if it is luck or what. It’s just that I’VE WON THE 1ST PLACE! ehehehehe. Guess what my prize is? A ZUMREED portable headphone(sorr got no picture of it). Not bad at all. Next stop is the Manila Contest. Guess i have to make a lot of practice starting today. So here’s my speech. It’s was all about WORK.