Inspirations:The Art of Paolo Ramirez


finally it’s on sale now…i had waited for this one since last year… i had constantly reminded the author that he should reserve a copy for me… and at last it was out in the market…guys allow me to present to you "Inspirations: The Art of Paolo Ramirez"… it was an artbook of Jean Frances Paolo Ramirez, a greate artist, a UICian, Dabawenyo and my former student… it has over 80 detailed pixelious digital artworks created by the author himself… "I hope it will leave you feeling inspired!" Paolo said. This coffee table book is an excellent gift and collector item for those who appreciates and love art. for a preview of his book please click here. i am very proud of him… at long last he had achieved one of his dreams…. congratulations Pao… keep up the good work…i had ordered one copy already…so lets help Paolo with his book order now…



today was my nephew's christening... he's 4 months old and a very cute baby boy... as a good uncle... i start helping my mom cooking and preparing things for the celebration... imagine, i woke up at 7:30 AM... i should be sleeping at those time...ehehhehe but since it was my first nephew, it was quite ok with me... me and dad gave them a ride to the church.. and afterwards, we were fetching visitors within the near places... it was quite a good trip... i have been away from Davao and it seems a lot had changed... i saw one good resto... it seems to have a good ambiance since it was located in a good place... someday i will be visiting it with someone special.. eheheh jaa.. need to sleep... i'm a bit tired...

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It’s valentines day… and majority of the colors i saw were red… when i arrive at the office, i saw a bag of chocolates on my table… while the others have a chocolate and flower too(i gues they were inteded for women)… you can hear greetings of "Happy Valentines!" whenever they enter the office…they even ask each other if they have a date tonight… everyone were smiling(but some were trying to..).. its valentine, what should you do?