Big Lunch at MAO


Oct 27, 2006 (11:55 AM)

since i can’t go directly to Charles’ house, i had to make a pitstop at our Cebu Office(where i was employed originally, before i was sent to Makati) I had some long chats with my Batch 5 and 6 graduates(now engineers) and other employees i know(well basically most of them). Since it’s a Friday, we usually had lunch in some expensive or fancy restaurants, we call it Lunch Out. We ate at Big Mao(i think its a Chinese restaurant), it was my first time in the restaurant my co-employees order the food for us…we had two orders of 4-5 recipes and a bottomless iced-tea and softdrinks. We were so full that we barely finished our drinks and felt sleepy. After eating we headed to a coffee shop to buy some coffee.. wow… i was just thinking where could they possible put the coffee in their stomach? eheheheeh so we headed to the office at around 2:30… while they were busy with their works, i had to post some of my nice \"experience of the day\" on my blogsite…

a comeback


after 7 months of being dormant.. of not posting some nonsense ideas and concepts.. i was again motivated to post because of dennis... and his idea of extra income. BLOGTOPROFIT!
so i'm back and ready to post some blogs... hope ann put me on top priority for some links.

yatto! Cebu


Finally! Im in Cebu! I was so excited last night that i even woke up early at around 5:30 in the morning. I quickly hit the shower and prepare my stuff. Then i hit the road and hailed for a Taxi at around 6:15. I arrive at the airport at 7:05 and had gone through annoying process of inspection. They even make me remove my shoes! F—! Another thing that irritate me the most was the Terminal Fee of 200 fucking pesos! S—! I did not even see any improvement they’ve done with the airport, it still looks like KUSO! Then im in the waiting area and fill my stomach with some rice and binagoongang baboy(pork). After which i sat in a corner try to relax and read Bob Ong’s Stainless Longanisa book.
Boarding time, i walk through gate 4 and boarded the plane and seated at 6C. My seatmate as an old lady with his gradnson. It was there first time in a plane, and she said she was a bit scared. And i’ve said that its ok as long you keep your seatbelt tight and keep quite things will be fine. I thought it would be fine, but after 10 minutes she started to hit with some questions about how does it feel when the plane starts to fly? does she needs to fasten her seatbelt all the time? how long is the flight? what time will we arrive in Cebu? can she lower the window cover? typical questions a first time passenger on a plane would ask. And she keeps on asking while im reading Bob Ong’s book. She was starting to get on my nerves. I was thinking that planes should have this guide book on flying for first timers. hehehehehe So when the captain announced that we will be starting to descent on Cebu-Mactan’s Internation Airport, she again ask me if we were in Cebu already. Tired of answering here questions so i just give her a nod.
So when we touch down and we were ready to get off the plane i quickly find the exit and run towards the baggage claim area. I thought that i’ve lost her, but damn there she was at my side asking questions again about her baggage! grrrrrrr…. so when i’ve found my bag… i grabbed it and rush toward the exit and hailed for a taxi…. so glad i was a mile from her now….. while strolling towards my destination… Cebu was still Cebu.. i’m finally back ….
– more to come(lunch out!)